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Leasing Standards


Total monthly household gross income (before taxes) for all applicants must be at least two and a half times the amount of the monthly market rent. You will be required to provide written proof from your employer to support the income you claim on the rental application. If such proof is not available, we may accept copies of your three (4) most recent pay stubs, Federal Income Tax Returns from two prior year(s), and/or other proof deemed acceptable by the Property Manager.

Smoking Policy

All Beach Rental Group rentals are smoke-free facilities. Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside apartments, balconies, hallways, stairwells, stairways, or indoor public spaces. Smoking within 30 feet of a building is prohibited. Residents who do smoke are asked to dispose of cigarette butts properly and to refrain from littering the apartment grounds.

Occupancy Standards

Size of Apartment/ Max Occupants

One bedroom: 2
Two bedroom: 4
Three bedroom: 6


Guarantors must complete a rental application and must fully meet the credit, income, rental, and criminal background requirements.

The Cosigner/Guarantor’s gross monthly income must be at least 2.5 times the monthly market rent, and their income and employment must be verified. Guarantors will be fully responsible for the lease if the Resident(s) default.

Credit/Personal History

A negative credit/personal history for the three most recent years is grounds for denial of an application.Negative credit/personal history includes, but is not limited to the following:

Rental History

Any negative rental history is grounds for the denial of an application. Negative rental history includes, but is not limited to the following: · Property damage · Returned checks · Collection activity for non-payment · Court action for unpaid judgments *Additional Residents must be named on the lease. All persons who will be living in the residence must provide valid photo ID and be listed on the lease either as a lessee or an occupant. Each occupant over the age of 18 must complete a rental application.

Criminal Criteria

Our Criminal Background Checks are processed using a detailed criminal decision system that objectively categorizes criminal records based on offense type & disposition.


Pets are considered on a case by case basis for each property. No more than 2 pets will be permitted at a property. There is a one (1) time non refundable pet fee per pet which must be paid prior to taking occupancy.

Cats ~ $300
Dogs up to 80lbs ~ $500
Dogs > 80lbs ~ $750


If you are self-employed or retired, you must provide proof of income and/or your ability to pay rent for the term of the lease by furnishing copies of federal income tax returns filed for the past two years, a current certified financial statement, and photocopies of your three (3) most recent bank statements. Income criteria can be waived if the applicant can provide proof that they have three times the entire lease amount in some type of liquid assets such as savings, stocks, bonds, etc.

Community Standards & Policies

To ensure continuity within each of our communities and comply with all local, federal and state regulations we insist that all Residents be familiar with and to comply with our Community Standards. Everyone has the right to the peaceful enjoyment of their home and a clean environment, and your cooperation with these rules and regulations as set forth below will help to ensure a positive living experience for you and your neighbors. We reserve the right at any time to amend our Policies as deemed necessary or desirable for safety, care, reputation, cleanliness and/or for any other reasonable purpose. Any amendments or exceptions to this contract must be in writing and signed by both parties. No verbal agreements will be honored.

Noise/Disturbance Policy

  1. Quiet Hours: Quiet hours (the absence of loud noise or distractions) are in effect every evening, from 10 pm to 7am Sunday through Thursday and Midnight to 8:00 am on Friday and Saturday nights.
  2. Courtesy Hours: At all other times, residents are expected to exercise good judgment with respect to reasonable noise levels. Noise that intrudes on the privacy and the needs of others to sleep and peaceably enjoy their home may be deemed disruptive if it can be heard through a closed door or window.
  3. Noise which is disruptive to other residents is prohibited, both inside and outside of homes, and courtesy and consideration for others is expected at all times.
  4. Residents are expected to respond positively to requests to reduce noise, and to respectfully approach others with requests for noise reduction.


Any work orders deemed as “damages caused by resident,” or any damages found present during any inspection or walk through will solely become the responsibility of the resident, or charged to the unit (shared by all current residents) if individual responsibility cannot be determined.

Cleanliness Standards

Individual living spaces:

To ensure a safe, healthy environment, a reasonable level of cleanliness is expected in individual living spaces and community areas. If the environment in any interior living space, either individual or designated common areas, is deemed unhealthy, the resident(s) responsible for that space will be required to clean or be billed for the cost to return the space to a healthy level.

Community/Public Areas:

To ensure a safe, healthy environment, a reasonable level of cleanliness is expected in community areas such as hallways, breezeways, stairways, patios, parking lots and grounds. While Kuester Management provides regular exterior cleaning services, a community that fails to keep exterior community spaces reasonably clean may lose privileges to that space or receive a community bill for costs associated with pest treatment, repairs, and/or cleaning. Trash left in community/public spaces may result in community billing.